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Now open for pre-reservations!
Take advantage of a special rate thru 6/30! You can now check availability, build your cart (or rent pre-made styles) and book instantly through the BoothCustomizer.
Pay Later is unavailable.
As we prepare to fully launch all the products related to the 360° XL, payment in full is currently required to pre-reserve this booth.

Note: Feel free to check out our MirrorX booth if you only wish to pay 15% down.

spin, move, record

and share

Introducing a sophisticated video experience for an ultra-low rate. Now serving the Phoenix Metro area.
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The Event+ 360° XL

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now available to pre-reserve IN PHOENIX METRO.
Works like it should

RENT OUR 360° and get DARN good QUALITY.

How does it work?

All we need is a 15' x 15' footprint and we take care of the rest! Attendees step onto the platform and pose while our rotating camera captures in a matter of seconds!

This is the perfect interactive engagement piece for the selfie generation.


Booth Attendant

With your own personalized booth attendant to take care of the scene, you can let loose and make memories that will last a lifetime! Your attendant will ensure a safe and seamless experience while also bringing fun, excitement, and character to your event – they make it their goal to ensure that everyone walks away with incredible photos they love.

Even though you may choose to opt-out of a booth attendant, rest assured there is always a booth monitor behind-the-scenes for safety purposes and to guarantee a smooth video experience.

Instant Sharing

Guests are able to text or email their experiences to themselves instantly!



Once all videos are ready, guests are brought to an immersive microsite continuing the memories of the event. The microsite is primed to have guests share on their social media right from their phone.

Real-time Analytics

Enterprise Events

Total sessions, photo views, impressions, reach, timeline, comparisons to video, and data capture are visible to quantify the success of your event!


your booth will always include:

2 Active hours

The minimum rental session for this booth is 2 hours and it's already included whether you're building your own style or selecting a pre-made style, feel free to check availability first and add to cart to start building your style through our BoothCustomizer.

46'' Platform

Extra-large capacity! The biggest capacity ever with up to 6 people able to fit in every video.

Setup & Takedown

We will arrive about 1-2 hours earlier to set up the Booth, takedown takes about 1 hour. But don’t worry, this time is already included and can be specified during the booking experience.

8K Studio Quality
& Multi-angle Lighting

We capture professional-grade videos just like any professional photographer would. The secret is the beauty dish. It makes everyone look fab 🪄

😍 3 Playback Options

We've got three different playback options in store for you! Whether you truly want to have that slow-sloow-mo effect, a fast-paced slow-mo or something in-between, we got you. Make sure you select your preference through our BoothCustomizer®!

Gallery Store

Every rental includes access to an online gallery for your videos! You have the option to send guests their own individual video or the entire gallery! Guests are able to send their videos to their phone instantly!

FREE¹ Delivery²

¹$54-$120 Discount within Phoenix Metro (contact us for extended standard delivery if the event's city is not listed at checkout)

²Free delivery for all the items in your cart, including bundles and/or products from U Party & UFlowers.

5G Wi-Fi

No Internet Required From You.

Network strength will vary by location, placement, and other factors; depending on the area's signal, we might require a nearby network to have the 360° experience up & running smoothly.

Video Soundtrack

We take great pride in crafting stunning videos that will capture the essence of your event. Our team of experts carefully selects the perfect soundtrack to complement your video and create a truly fun/immersive experience.

Two 3D Holograms

Get two 4-ray rotor displays that show stunning 3d visuals which appear to float in mid-air placed on both sides of the 360°. This is already included for free with our company logos. Alternatively, we can transform your images into a holographic video or showcase an existing video that contains a subject with minimal background for an additional fee, including:

- a ring
- a person
- a couple, product, etc.


8K DSLR-grade video resolution

Low-resolution mobile phone as camera

2-hour minimum

3-hour minimum

XL - 46'' Capacity

Extra-large capacity! The biggest capacity ever with up to 6 people able to fit in every video

Fits only 3 people

Red carpet treatment

Includes dual-lane gold stanchions with velvet ropes, an XL red carpet + a non-slip 360° platform carpet

An office line separator

Choose your themed props

Random props

Multi-angle studio lighting

A ring light

Customizable Flat fee rate

Package-based pricing

FREE delivery, setup & takedown

¹$54.99-$120 Discount within Phoenix Metro (contact us for extended standard delivery if the event's city is not listed at checkout)

²All items in your cart, including bundles and/or products from U Party & UFlowers.

Extra fees depending on location for delivery & setup

Access to Hybrid time. Learn more.

Steep price for an additional hour. No option for hybrid time.


Additional access to our brands

Reserve now, pay only 15% down.
Learn more.

Full payment required upfront

No complicated or lengthy rental contracts - Book instantly

Takes approximately 5 days to book

Fun & engaging 3D content

Custom samples of bespoke 3D & holographic visuals, no matter the size of your event.
Get Started with BoothCustomizer®


Get Started with BoothCustomizer®
Looking to take your event to the next level? Look no further than our photo booth enhancers!

Choose from our selection of themed props to add a fun and playful element to your photos. But why stop there? With our 3D hologram customization option, you can truly make your photos one-of-a-kind! Add some sparkle with spark or fog effects or try out our LED/laser effects for a mesmerizing display.

And for those looking for something truly unique, we offer a money gun and auto-confetti that will have everyone talking about your event. Our instant sharing option makes it easy to share your pictures on social media right away, while our red-carpet treatment ensures that you feel like a VIP every step of the way. And don't worry about anything - we provide a booth monitor (also optional) who will be there behind-the-scenes to make sure everything runs smoothly, and you get the most out of your photo booth experience.
Hybrid time
Want to keep your photo booth open for an extended time at a lower cost? Look no further by adding Hybrid time for limited photos without our attendants. No other company will offer this!

Many different types of events can benefit from adding hybrid time. Corporate events often split the active time to have it open during busy hours and adding hybrid time during less busy hours. Birthdays may use hybrid time to close the booth during the cake/presents time.
extra active time
We know that the Photo Booth can become the life of the party, you have the option to keep the booth open for an extended period of time. Start customizing your rental now.
Looking to take your event to the next level? Our premium add-ons are just what you need!

At Event+, we offer a wide range of options to help you create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. With our brandable assets bundle, you can add a personalized touch to your event with branded enclosures, sharing stations, platform decals, 3D holograms and structures like our 360 enclosure, immersive spiral and EZ-tube.

But that's not all - we also offer other premium add-ons such as real-time viewing screens and live streaming so everyone can enjoy the fun even if they can't be there in person. With custom overlays/animations, video intro/outro, props and video backgrounds, the possibilities are endless!

So what are you waiting for? Add your favorite add-ons through our BoothCustomizer® and let us help you create an experience that your guests will never forget!
Help Center →

All the A’s for your q’s.

→ How much space is required?
an arrow pointing down

For the Event+ 360° XL, we will need at least a 15’ X 15’ area.

→ If you’re adding the red-carpet treatment, keep in mind we’ll need an additional 20’ in length.

→ If you’re adding a structure to your booth, we will need the roof to be at least 12’ in height, if placed inside.

All measures in feet (‘).

→ How can I book the photo booth?
an arrow pointing down

You can now check availability, build your cart (or rent pre-made styles) and book instantly through our BoothCustomizer®.

→ How far will you travel with the 360° XL?
an arrow pointing down

We are located in Phoenix, AZ and will travel to the cities listed during the booking experience. Anything further and not listed, we’ll charge an Extended Standard Delivery* fee with the rental of any of our Photo Booth styles as listed below:

If you rent or add more than $100 in additional products/enhancers/add-ons/extras: $2/mile*

If you rent or add less than $100 in additional products/enhancers/add-ons/extras: $4/mile*

*By consultation only, not available online.

→ How long is setup & takedown?
an arrow pointing down

We‘ll arrive about 1-2 hours earlier to set up everything, takedown takes about 30 minutes. But don’t worry, this time is included with any style and can be specified during the booking experience.

→ Do I pay everything now? Can I pay later?
an arrow pointing down

It’s now even easier to book! We have added the ability of reserving any item (of any brand) with only 15% of the cart’s value, plus the applicable service fee. Terms apply.

Learn more here.

→ How much do you charge for delivery?
an arrow pointing down

We are currently offering FREE delivery, setup & takedown with the Event+ 360° XL for all the items in your cart (from any brand).

→ Can I rent equipment, flowers and photo booths simultaneously?
an arrow pointing down

Yes, our brands, UFlowers and Event+, are fully integrated within U Party. For example, you are able to purchase flowers for your wedding, rent any photo booth(s), and even add bundles (packages) all in one order.

→ How many people fit in the Event+ 360° XL
an arrow pointing down

The 360° XL can accommodate up to 6 people, per video.

→ Can the booth be outdoors?
an arrow pointing down

For the booth to be outdoors, we require the booth to be place on a flat surface, be within 10 ft of an outlet, and be within temperatures of 60 to 80 degrees.

→ Can the booth be a drop-off?
an arrow pointing down

Unfortunately, not. Our insurance requires the booth be attended at all times. For guest safety and proper functioning, we include a booth monitor behind-the-scenes, whether or not you opt-out of a booth attendant.

→ How will guests receive their videos?
an arrow pointing down

The screen will capture the guests' phone numbers, the guests will step on the platform and create their video, and then the video is uploaded to space. Once the video renders, they will get a text message & their video will be available for download and sharing!

→ Will I get a copy of all the videos?
an arrow pointing down

Yes! After the event, you’ll receive an alert with access to the full video gallery.

→ How long are the videos?
an arrow pointing down

Videos are a maximum of 30 seconds. Perfect for social sharing!

The Mirror X

Creates a “WOW” factor

Get Started with BoothCustomizer®

Our Mirror Booth offers more than just photos, it is a full branded experience to take any event or product launch to the next level.

Get Started with BoothCustomizer®

All Styles Include

Retail Event Photo Booth Phoenix, Arizona
Unlimited Printing

Strike as many poses as your heart desires, because our mirror booth rentals come with unlimited photos! We want to make each event fun and memorable. So get excited and have fun taking too many pictures!

Retail Event Photo Booth Phoenix
Photo Retake & Gallery

Because you'll crave those precious memories the second your event is over or after taking a picture. We're all about making it unique and perfect for your event.

Retail Event Photo Booth  near me
Photo Signing & Fun Elements

Who said you have to settle on a fixed design? Let your guests have fun adding any elements including signatures, drawings & emojis.

Corporate Event Photo Booth Phoenix, Arizona
+50 Complimentary Props

Aside from digital filters, overlays and emojis. We complement the fun with Hats, signs, mustaches...An ever-growing collection of best accessories for every event. Nothing turns strangers into friends faster than some silly props!

Corporate Event Photo Booth  Service Phoenix, Arizona
High-tech Mirror Glass

The transparency quality of the glass produces crisp, cystal clear graphics for all participants to engafe with. Its multi-touch interface allows up to 10 participants to interact with the mirror simultaneously.

Best Corporate Event Photo Booth Service Phoenix, Arizona
4K Studio Quality

We capture professional-grade photographs and videos just like any professional photographer would. The secret is the beauty dish. It makes everyone look fab 🪄

Best Event Photography Service Phoenix
Professional Template

All of our mirror booth prints are custom-designed from scratch (that's right - no generic templates here) to match your event to a T.

Best Event Photography Service Online
Setup & Takedown

We‘ll arrive about 2-3 hours (depending on the style) earlier to set up the Booth, takedown takes about 1 hours.

But don’t worry, this time is included with any style and can be specified during the booking experience.

Best Event Photography Service  near me
Booth Attendants

Who are also the owners of the company - because we care!

Not only do we set up and take down the mirror booth, but also help guests make the most of their experience!

Get Started with BoothCustomizer®


Things people often ask about

Help Center →

Our Delivery Methods

Starts from $54 / event

On the start date of your rental, we will deliver the rental items to the location specified during the booking experience. On the end date of your rental, we’ll do the same by picking up the rentals. Prior-day delivery is free for all events, exclusively with us.Unlike many companies, our delivery fees are simple to understand and are not volume-based. Simply head over to our order portal to book instantly or view availability with all prices on products, bundles and extra services such as setup, takedown, rush-on-delivery, or rush-on-pickup* for a specific pickup time.


Access to Discounted Bundles
Delivery & Return-pickup service
Loading & Unloading

Delivery & Return-pickup
Times by default

8 AM - 12:00 PM

Add Rush Service for
1-hour time slots

(available September → April)

Self-pickup and self-return is available at our temporary location. You can self-pick up & self-return your rentals during the times specified below. Check-in & check-out is required once you’re on the way to the designated location and will be sent hours in advance on the start & end dates of your rental to ensure your items are ready for pickup and ready to be received.

Keep in mind, items marked with **Delivery-only** within the order portal are not available for self-pickup due to being allocated in our delivery storages not accessible to customers.

Self pickup & Self Return
↺    2-day Rental Limit
✖   Reserve now, Pay Later
✖   Access to Discounted Bundles

Temporary Location
& Open Hours

9 AM - 11:00 AM

Delivery & Return-pickup
Times by default

$19 floral delivery

Delivery-only service for UFlowers products. This method is not required when renting simultaneously from the Equipment, Event+ or the Bundles store with Delivery Unlimited or Standard.

8 AM - 12:00 PM

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Whether you’re an event planner or a local customer, you're at the right place.
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