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Access to Discounted Bundles

Starts from $89 / for one year

Get FREE Delivery & Return-pickup for 1 year and pay later with Unlimited! Here's a little more about Unlimited that we think you'll love:

FREE Delivery & Return-pickup
for 1 year
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Access to Discounted Bundles

Starts from $49 / 1 event

The most basic way to get your rental to your event, suitable for people with only one event. It will allow you to get your order during the standard timeframe.

Delivery & Return-pickup service
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✖  Order Now, Pay Later
✖  FREE Delivery & Return-pickup
       for 1 year

$19 floral delivery

Delivery-only service for UFlowers products. This method is not required when renting simultaneously from the Equipment, Event+ or the Bundles store with Delivery Unlimited or Standard.

Place an order online & choose a self pickup timeslot. We’ll sanitize your equipment once you check-in & load the items into your car when you arrive.

Self pickup & Self Return
↺    2-day Rental Limit
✖   Order now, Pay Later
✖   Access to Discounted Bundles

DIST. Location

DIST. Location

DIST. Location

DIST. Location (East Mesa)


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